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Sn Cu Pb Ag Pb Bi Zn Fe Al As Cd
40.0±0.3 < 0.08 < 0.01 < 0.0001 60.0±0.4 < 0.01 < 0.005 < 0.02 < 0.02 < 0.03 < 0.002

Our Sn40Pb60 tin lead solder bar possesses the melting point of about 200 degrees Celsius. Its soldering performance is stable. Our company combines many years of practical experience in the production of solder bars with the latest technology.

All metallic elements that may seriously affect the wave solder bar are rigorously controlled at different stages from the raw-material melting, mixing, inspection, perfusion, and some others. These elements comprise cadmium, aluminum, gold, iron, nickel, and more. 


  1. Lower aggressiveness to stainless steel and other solder pot materials as compared to tin-silver-copper alloys.
  2. Thermal fatigue resistance and creep strength better than tin-lead.
  3. Slow, even growth of the intermetallic layer at the solder/substrate interface.
  4. Also performs well in selective and dip soldering.


  1. Dip soldering or Wave soldering of electronic components such as PCBA, THT
  2. Soldering of metals, such as copper roofing joinery
  3. Assembly of stained glass, silver jewelry etc
  4. Other generally tinning purpose.

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